I’m launching my new series of educational podcast-style conversations over the next week, and I’d love for you to join me for a chat!

Check out the video below where I explain the concept in more detail.

I’ll be talking to business leaders who have successfully implemented time-saving and/or revenue-generating tools & processes in their business.

We’ll be talking about:
* The original problem statements,
* Tools & processes used to solve for them,
* Successes & failures (and how to avoid them),
* General tips & tricks to try out.

All in the name of helping others to be successful when approaching this problem for the first time!

Are you a CRM Manager, innovative Sales and Marketing leader, CTO / CIO, or internal Project Management expert?

Have you successfully navigated the pitfalls of optimising the revenue-generating activities of a small to medium-sized business?

I’d love for *you* to come on the podcast for a chat…

Please fill out the Contact Form if you’d like to get involved!

Tom Parker