As a business leader, what’s top of mind for you in during 2021 planning?

If optimising your sales, marketing and customer success operations isn’t in your top 3, watch this video!

Here I walk through the steps that you can take to;

1) Assess your current processes, and categorise them as ‘revenue-contributors’ or ‘revenue-detractors’,

2) Understand how to streamline and eliminate detractors from your model,

3) Replace the detractors with the contributors, and improve your revenue-generation by up to 30%.

It’s possible to do this without spending any more than ½ a junior sales rep’s salary, and the effects will last for years – it’s not just a short-term solution.

Whether you plan to do this in-house or use an external consultant like myself, the impact on your business success in these budget-constrained times can be HUGE.

If you’d like to learn more about how The Sales Architect can implement this process and develop an actionable plan to increase revenue generating activity in your business, please book a consultation to speak with us.

Tom Parker