What’s this webinar about?

During this webinar you will learn how to transform your business’ tools and processes in order to optimise those revenue-generating functions and activities.

By automating manual processes, and removing unnecessary administration, from your client-facing staff’s busy workload it is possible to give back >5 hours a week (per head) that can be redistributed to higher-value tasks.

That means your teams can:

  • Generate more leads, and qualify them faster (Sales)
  • Post more engaging content, and run better events (Marketing)
  • Deliver more value to clients (Customer Success)
  • Develop products, and commercialise them more efficiently (Product / Ops)
  • Spend more time on strategic planning for, and acheiving, long term goals (Management)

…and ultimately increase revenue growth as a whole.

Panel Guests

Special thanks to Scott Cowley, The Sales MastermindRichard LucasCatherine Brodigan, and Sean O’Neill for their contributions during the Q&A – it was super insightful!

Watch the webinar below!

Here are the Time Stamps:

1) 5 tips to increase revenue generating activity by 30% – presented by Tom Parker – 0:00 to 24:05

2) Live Q&A with guest panel – 24:05 onwards