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Sales Architect Podcast | Episode 3 | Jonathan Plumb

Just before Christmas, technology project management expert Jon Plumb joined me for an insightful glimpse into the thought processes of a successful technology leader: * The role of the modern CIO, and how it has evolved to become a key position in many businesses...

The Importance of Sales & Marketing Strategies

The Importance of Sales & Marketing Strategies

Have you built out your Sales & Marketing strategy for 2021? Whether you're already in full swing, or not sure where to even start, I've created a video analogy that can help to put the process and importance of strategic planning into perspective. If you like...

Sales Architect Podcast | Episode 2 | Aaron Evans

In this episode I spoke to Aaron Evans - Sales Enablement Director and all-round sales coaching guru! I had an absolutely fantastic conversation with Aaron, check out the highlights video below on the topics of: * The evolutions of sales coaching and enablement over...

Product Highlight – Happy Scribe

Here's another Product Highlight! This week I'm demonstrating Happy Scribe - a tool I can't live without at the moment... in fact, it was used to produce this video!For those of you who are producing video and audio content on a regular basis, you'll know how clunky...

Sales Architect Podcast | Episode 1 | Theo Gibbons

The Sales Architect Podcast is officially here! In Ep.1 I spoke with Theo Gibbons about CRM selection criteria, his favourite SaaS tools for productivity, and tips on how to embed new technologies into an established organisation. #CRM #optimisation

Product Highlight – HubSpot Email Templates

It's Product Highlight time. This week, episode 2, we take a look at the HubSpot 'templates' system. (Plus some other great HubSpot time-saving features!) Templating your regularly used emails should become a habit if you work in a customer-facing role... ...and with...


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