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Optimise your processes to land more leads, increase renewals rates, and grow your revenue by 30%

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Increase revenue with a stronger CRM foundation


An optimised CRM can squeeze 30% more value out of your sales, marketing, and CS teams.
It’s cost-effective, at less than half the salary of a junior sales rep, and can be set up within a month.

Is your current setup costing you sales?

To be most effective, your growth-driving tools and processes should…

Complement Your Business

Your CRM and adjacent tools should work for you, saving you time on admin which can be reinvested into growth activities.

Be Inherently

All of your systems and processes should work together in a way that is scalable and capable of adjusting to unexpected scenarios.

Drive Growth at Minimal Cost

Having the right tools and processes tailored to your business and your teams’ requirements can boost performance without increasing team size.

Our approach

We build a customised ‘Growth Stack’ for each of our clients, specifically designed to complement each other, alongside your CRM, and encourage growth.

The ‘full-growth stack’ can be implemented from scratch and completely revolutionise the way your business approaches core revenue-generating activities:

● Client acquisition & retention
● Operational best practices
● Strategic revenue management
● People development
Prefer evolution to revolution? Our ‘targeted growth stack’ focuses on one or multiple specific segments, in order to optimise your already proven model, integrating the new tools and processes seamlessly into your operational setup.
The choice is yours.

Not sure whether to optimise your existing processes or overhaul them completely? Ask about one of our ‘Growth Readiness Audit’ – written reports and recommendations that can be carried out internally, by us, or by another third party.

The 5 core ‘Growth Disciplines’

All of which should be tightly woven together with an integrated CRM…

Sales & Marketing

The closest functions to growth in any business, sales and marketing also incur the highest opportunity costs. Hours each day are spent on:

● Prospect research
● Manual lead generation
● Booking meetings
● Taking meeting notes
● Creating and publishing content
● Other related admin tasks

By implementing optimised processes and recommended best-in-class SaaS tools, you’ll free up your team to focus on high-value sales and marketing activities that directly contribute to revenue generation.

Recommended Tools:

LinkedIn, Twitter, Octopus,,, Cognism, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Intercom

Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement

Good pipeline visibility is critical to understanding the effectiveness of revenue-generating activities. Without a good grip on the metrics that matter (conversion rates, quote-to-close time, cost per lead and acquisition, marketing content reach/engagement, etc.), then you’ll struggle to conduct effective root-cause analysis or calculate the ROI of your hard work.
Luckily, most modern CRM, Customer Success, and Finance tools make these metrics readily available – as long as your reports and dashboards are set up correctly. We’ll build and iterate on these reports to give you unrivalled visibility into your business’ performance.

Recommended Tools:

HubSpot, Pipedrive, Custify,, Xero, Sage, Google Analytics, PowerBI, Tableau

Customer Success & Service Delivery

So, you’ve closed those prospects into paying clients. Job done, right? Actually, that’s just the first step of a customer journey that could span years.
Optimised customer lifecycle management stabilises recurring revenue, provides upsell opportunities, and increases word-of-mouth referrals – still the best form of marketing there is! Similarly, robust enquiry resolution and project management systems that connect your Customer Success and Operations teams help you deliver even more value to your clients.
We’ll help you pick from the myriad of available tools and provide a customised implementation that’s perfect for your business.

Recommended Tools:

Custify, Churnzero, Zendesk, HubSpot, Gainsight, Jira, Monday, Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Apploye

Communications & Information Management

2020 demonstrated the importance of communication and information management, for both the clients and the internal teams, of any business. Every company has their preferred toolset; messaging apps usually carry over from legacy tools (remember Microsoft Lync?), content delivery portals are often custom-built, and webinar software is usually an enterprise solution that isn’t fit for your purpose!
However, there is a new wave of options out there. These can streamline one-to-one and one-to-many interactions, whilst integrating communications within a more holistic workflow. Matching your scenario to the most appropriate tools is our area of expertise!

Recommended Tools:

Slack, Teams, Discord, Intercom, Outlook, Gmail, Zoom, Eventbrite, BigMarker, Seismic, Magentrix

Employee Engagement & Learning

All these processes and technologies mean nothing if your workforce doesn’t understand how to adopt, use, and improve them over time. Training is important (and included with all our services), but upskilling your people with the use of coaching, meeting management, and learning & development platforms will propel you to the next level.
Arming both staff and management with a great suite of tools will help your organisation grow as a whole. You don’t need to hire a HR consultant to get this right; we’ll show you how.

Recommended Tools:

WeThrive, 15Five, SoapBox,, Workramp,, Magentrix

The benefits of implementing a Sales Architect growth stack


Save & Reinvest Time

Claim back time back from admin tasks and use it for high-value tasks, such as selling and strategising. It’s all made possible with smart automation and optimised workflows.

A Sustainable & Flexible Growth Model

Long-term sustainability and adaptability is built into every technology and process stack deployed. No more re-engineering every time your team or customer-base grows.

Drive Revenues

Attract more leads, close more deals, increase renewal rates, and deliver improved value with the best tools and process on the market, tailored to your unique needs.

Delight Your Customers

Go beyond sales by building great customer success principles into your every-day interactions. Use selective automation to make customer touchpoints hassle-free whilst increasing satisfaction.

Upskill Your Entire Team

Training is included with all packages, and all tools are selected for their ease of use and intuitive UI/UX — no more complaints from staff who dislike change!

Connect Your Departments

Sales success is dependent on all the adjacent team such as Marketing, Operations, and Customer Success. By breaking down siloes and creating a truly connected system, you’ll deliver a seamless experience to your clients.

Why work with The Sales Architect?

Your guide through this journey will be our lead consultant, Tom Parker.
Here’s some of his experiences and words of advice:

Experience Across Functions

Optimising your sales and marketing processes requires a comprehensive knowledge of business best-practice.

“I’ve worked in Senior Management, Business Intelligence, Operations, and Sales & Marketing across multiple industry sectors, including; IT Manufacturing, Market Research, R&D, and SaaS.”

Start-Up Entrepreneur and Director

The best way to achieve great results is to observe, adopt, and iterate on the successes of similar businesses!

“I’ve started-up and held director positions at three businesses, as well as investing in, and consulting for, many more. Each time I come away from a project, I keep note of its successes and failures for future use.”


As a certified partner of many market-leading SaaS tools (check out our badges below), we’ll find the optimal solution for your specific scenario.
“I work very closely with our software partners, and I’m also APMG Change Management qualified. As a result, I can implement changes with minimum disruption to your business.”

Curious and Ambitious

Our philosophy is to be analytics, constructively critical, open-minded, and to treat every client’s business as our own.

“I love to learn about, and share my knowledge of, the seemingly infinite business models, operational setups, product technologies, and people processes that the world has to offer!” 


We’ve built a network of experts in Sales Coaching, Marketing & Social Selling Strategy, Web & App Development, Finance Management, and People Development.

“Being part of a community of fantastic consultants and agencies helps our clients succeed. If I can’t do it, I can help you find an expert who can!”

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