To ensure any solution meets your specific needs, a customised Growth Stack is built for each client. This is designed to complement and encourage growth across the five core growth-driving disciplines.
The Sales Architect process makes it possible to develop and implement this stack in a shortened timeframe, without sacrificing quality. We can get from planning to implementation in just two to six weeks, depending on the complexity of objectives, number of users, and level of automation required between systems.

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Steps to Success

To ensure that every Growth Stack we implement is well implemented and rigorously tested, we utilise a ‘Plan, Build, Embed’ process consisting of 10 steps

Plan Stage


Scoping and Challenge Alignment

Over a number of sessions, we’ll meet with key stakeholders (such as your head of marketing, sales, operations, and IT) to identify your current situation and your vision for the future, to be achieved through the setting of success criteria.


Architecting the Growth Stack

After taking your feedback and conducting further research, we’ll design a unique and customised stack of technologies and processes to get you as close to your desired state as possible, with any restrictions taken into account.


Plan and Roadmap Delivery

Together with the key stakeholders, we’ll meet to assess and fine-tune the plan – any requested changes are discussed prior to implementation to ensure your unique growth stack meets your needs. We’ll also determine the timeframes for implementation and testing of each tool and process. 

Build Stage


Initial Implementation

The customised technology stack and surrounding processes are then implemented. These are integrated with any existing systems that need to remain intact for business continuity. 


Soft Launch

The initial stack implementation is released to a chosen few company representatives, at both the senior and junior levels. These ‘Champions’ will provide feedback through user-testing, and act as a steering committee for maximising success.

Embed Stage


Iterative Fine-Tuning

By working with your Champions within each of the affected teams, we’ll ensure that the stack is fit for purpose (as measured against our success criteria) and optimised for day-to-day use.


Training Delivery

Group training sessions are delivered to your Champions to embed the knowledge required for success. A resource library is also made available, including written documentation, tutorial videos, and links to external support channels.



The implementation process officially comes to an end. All users, supported by their local Champions, are switched over to the new growth stack as the default system of work.


1 Month Check Up

A review will take place one month after the go-live date to capture any final requirements and necessary adjustments.

Continuous Improvement

  Transforming your approach to client acquisition and retention, operational best practices, strategic revenue management, and people development is a long-term solution, not a quick fix.

 To get the full value of your new solution, we recommend an extended period of engagement (over year one, and beyond) where we continue to work together to capture feedback, fine-tune processes and software implementations, and strategically review the overarching goals of the stack.


Targeted Growth Stack

Evolve your existing approach by automating and fine-tuning one or multiple core growth functions, whilst ensuring that the new solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing processes, tools, and people.

Benefits for your business

Invest only in the areas that require attention, meeting your specific needs and achieving maximum ROI

Unlock efficiencies from your workforce by automating admin-heavy tasks and streamlining hand-over points

Testing is conducted outside of your live customer-facing environments, so business continuity is maintained

The Full-Growth Stack Solution

Completely revitalise your approach; build the foundations for successful client acquisition and retention, revenue growth, and efficient communications with a customised stack of complementary tools & processes

Benefits for your Business

Choose your primary focus based on your long term business goals, gearing your stack towards being the perfect growth machine

Achieve a higher level of results by using the latest and greatest tools, woven together with time-saving automations

Gain the knowledge, advice, and support of an objective consultant with experience in growing businesses from the ground up

Growth Readiness Audit

Get an actionable plan developed specifically for your business, helping you calculate the return on investment (ROI) of engaging in software and process optimisation, before making any commitments

Benefits for your business

Understand how a new technology stack can positively impact your business, without sinking time into trial-and-error testing

Great for building a research-informed, cost-justified, and objective plan before committing budget

Get everyone on the same page and ensure the inputs of key stakeholders are considered in the planning process

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